Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Back in Japan (April 2016)...Modern Chinese at Jasmine

I had some time for shopping in Nihonbashi. Since Coredo Muromachi shopping complex opened a few years ago, I hang out in this area more often.

 photo IMG_0192_zpsp1pqqy69.jpg
At casual Japanese restaurant by Ninben, famous dashi ship, they serve lunch set menus. I loved the soup with different vegetables inside. The dashi broth had a very nice flavor, indeed.

 photo IMG_0193_zpsphbippq7.jpg
For dinner, I met Rie, Yoshiko & Atsuko in Ebisu. We had a reservation at Jasmine, a modern Chinese restaurant. We had their dinner course menu. I think their appetizer plate was the most impressive among all the courses we had. The appetizer included Yodare-dori ("saliva chicken" - steamed chicken with Szechuan-style hot sauce), smoked duck, and drunk prawn.

 photo IMG_0195_zpss2fu9pz4.jpg  photo IMG_0199_zpswwut6uba.jpg
Braised shark fin, and Peking duck with foie gras.

 photo IMG_0201_zps753yb9dn.jpg  photo IMG_0205_zps6zazmpx8.jpg
Sawara fish with fermented napa cabbage puree, and fried pork spare-rib in black vinegar sauce.

 photo IMG_0206_zpsppkypiws.jpg  photo IMG_0210_zpsxtpnh4sm.jpg  photo IMG_0212_zpsbgwxxf3m.jpg
Mapo tofu (my choice), chicken noodle (Atsuko's choice) and dessert.

I had a wonderful time with close friends.