Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Trip to Australia (Gold Coast - January 2016)...Final day adventure

Rainbow over the canyon in Springbrook National Park, World Heritage Site

It was the second Sunday since I came to Gold Coast and the final full day there.

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We drove to Springbrook National Park, which is about 45 minutes from Surfers Paradise. It's a World Heritage Site. This area maintains ancient rainforest and ecosystem. We were excited to hike there.

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After walking through long winding trail, there was a river in the bottom of the valley.

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Magnificent waterfall.

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After about 3-hour hike, we were starving. We walked a nearby cafe for lunch.

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We enjoyed very Australian treats of scones, toasties, and chicken wrap.

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We walked more after lunch, then also drove to different spots in the park.

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We returned to Surfers Paradise in early evening, so didn't have much time to rest until dinner. For dinner, we drove a short distance to Main Beach, which is right north of Surfers Paradise. It's a popular tapas bar/ restaurant called, Bar Chico, in the neighborhood. There was live music going on when we got there.

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The place was packed with locals. I loved the ambience.

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We enjoyed different small plates. It was a fun night but made me sentimental, because I was going to leave very early morning the next day. I won't see Jason for another couple of months until he returns to LA... I will miss him for a while.

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And, of course, I got a lot of Tim Tam to take back to LA.