Friday, April 8, 2011

Donabe News 2...New Products "mini" classic-style donabe collection

Our collection is now growing bigger and even better.
We now have selections of "mini donabe", which a small-size classic-style donabe pots. Small-size donabe can hold over 3 cups (750 ml) of liquid inside, so it's perfect for single serving hot pot, stew, or for making a small side dish for a group dinner.

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This is small-size "Yu Kizeto". It's a extreme light-weight donabe. The design is so unique and beautiful.

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This one is small-size "Rikyu-Tokusa". The detailed design is the same as the regular (medium-size) Rikyu-Tokusa...this one is just smaller!

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I couldn't wait to start cooking with these cute new additions to my collection. So, as soon as I opened the boxes, I started to "season" both donabe pots by making rice porridge in them with some leftover rice. This process is very simple and easy (it's a one-time process). As soon as the seasoning is done, both donabe are ready to go.

And, yes, our first mini-donabe, "Hakeme" is also available. I think in this new shipment, the brush work of mini Hakeme is slightly bolder than before and gives the great impact in the kitchen.

Every donabe is hand-made by skilled craftsmen at Nagatani-en in Iga, Japan, and it takes about 2 weeks to make each donabe. So, even under the same design category, each one of them has slightly different details from each other. Yes, each donabe of Nagatani-en is one-and-only in the world.

Above donabe products are available to order on toiro's website.

Happy donabe life.