Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mini donabe recipe...Shrimp Wontan and Daikon Soup

I've been eating out more than I've been cooking lately...so, I'm sorry that I haven't been able to post recipes as often as I would like. In the past 7 days, I've dined at more than 10 restaurants including lunch. I've been too busy to take food pictures...but maybe I can give some local resto report sometimes.

But, back to donabe cooking, which is what I truly LOVE.

My new mini donabe pots are really great. They are perfect for single-serving meal, or a small dish to share. Here's my super cute small-size classic-style donabe, "Yu Kizeto".

With this donabe, I made quick Chinese-style soup with shrimp wontan and daikon slices in it. This is perfect for 2-3 appetizer servings. The shrimp filling itself is the same recipe as the filling for previous post's "Shrimp-stuffed abura-age". So, you can make some extra filling and use it to make both dishes, if you like.

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Well, I like making my own chicken stock from scratch, but if you are in a rush, you can use an instant chicken stock powder (make sure there is no MSG!). This recipe is so easy, once you have the chicken stock. As soon as everything is cooked through (it takes just a couple of minutes for the shrimp wonton to cook), garnish the soup with minced scallion. You can serve as is, or...

I like topping the soup with Korean seaweed. It adds the nice extra flavor.

You can find the recipe on toiro's website. Hope you will try it.
Happy donabe life.