Monday, October 11, 2010

Oboro Kombu Udon

I brought home special Oboro Kombu (from Hokkaido) from my last trip back to Japan. Oboro Kombu is a beautifully shaved vinegar-marinated uncooked kombu (kelp). Oboro Kombu and Tororo Kombu are made the same way but just the shaving style is different: both are fluffy but oboro is longer and bouncier. The taste is so elegant and the flavor is packed with umami.

So, I made the simple udon and topped with the oboro kombu. As the kombu soaks the broth, it creates the different texture and flavor. So wonderful.

Oboro kombu can be used not only in the broth, but also to wrap onigiri (rice ball), flavor the sashimi, etc. To me, it's one of the essential items in my pantry.