Friday, October 1, 2010

Trip to San Diego (Fall 2010)...Chirashi Lunch at Sushi Ota

I drove down to San Diego for a 2-day trip by myself yesterday. I've got some missions to do while I'm here. The distance from Los Angeles to San Diego is just about 120 miles. Although I hit some traffic (there was a car on fire on the freeway!), it took me less than 2 hours to get down there. It's been a couple of years since my last visit to SD, so I was quite excited.

As I entered the city, I drove straight to my first destination. It was Sushi Ota in Pacific Beach. The place was a recommendation by a local friend of mine. She said it's the most popular sushi restaurant in SD. I was so hungry after the drive and ready to grind. Despite the simple look (in a mini mall) outside, the restaurant has a nice authentic feel inside and the space is quite large. They were still very busy when I got there around 1.30pm.

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I ordered Delux Chirashi Sushi ($25) was a little early birthday gift for myself:-) The side fried salmon was so fresh and nice. And the chirashi sushi was outstanding! Sushi rice was generously topped with slices of toro (fatty tuna), tai, surf clam, salmon, uni, eel, etc. Tamago-yaki (omelet) had the cute baked mark of their name "OTA". The quality of seafood was really high and the slices were nicely thick. Toro was the real deal. I was so satisfied!

Next time, I want to come back here for dinner (at the sushi bar) with Jason, for sure.