Thursday, October 14, 2010

More donabe steaming

More donabe steaming pictures...

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My donabe steamer, "Mushi Nabe", is in full action. I just love donabe steamed dishes so much. This week, I've been making a lot of steamed vegetables. I simply lay the ingredients (Japanese sweet "Satsuma" yam, lotus root, king oyster mushrooms, and haricot vert.) and let the donabe do its work. Vegetables taste so good when they are steamed. The yam and lotus root slices were steamed first (about 8 minutes) then the rest of the ingredients were added and steamed for additional 3 minutes. That's it. I served the vegetables with my homemade peanut-karashi (Japanese mustard) sauce, and they tasted fantastic! You can serve the steamed vegetables with any kinds of dipping sauce to enjoy variations.

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Here's a dish which is my twist on Chinese dim-sum style shrimp dumpling on tofu. Shrimp dumpling and tofu are steamed together in the donabe steamer, and served with the sizzling sesame oil - soy sauce sauce. Another great hit!

Can't stop donabe steaming.