Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Let's steam with donabe

This week, I'm busy doing test kitchen/ final tweaking for the upcoming donabe & Japanese cooking class. The theme is "donabe steaming", and we will make multi-course donabe steamed dishes...I'm so excited!

Our donabe steamer, "Mushi Nabe", has made the steam cooking easy, fun, and really delicious.

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One of the dishes I've been making a lot lately is donabe steamed tofu "chawanmushi" (savory soy custard). I finally achieved the best consistency. In just about 20 minutes of steaming, the custard becomes so soft and jiggly. I serve it with the warm saikyo-miso sauce with chopped mitsuba. This dish is so simple and delicious. The warm tofu custard is so gentle in your stomach and comforting.

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Here's a fish course. Simple steamed salmon, gindara (black cod), bok choy, konnyaku, carrot, and hanpen (fluffy fish cake). In just about 5 minutes, the dish is ready! It's served with oroshi ponzu sauce (ponzu with grated daikon). The concept is basically "steam shabu shabu". Because everything was steamed, all the flavors were sealed inside and the taste was so perfect.

Happy donabe life.