Friday, October 29, 2010

Eel Sushi Balls ("Unagi Temari-sushi")

Yes, we (Japanese people) love sushi. But, we don't normally make nigiri sushi at home. That's something we let the trained professionals make and we go out to eat them. But, other kinds of sushi, such as chirashi, inari, etc., are popular to make at home.

Another popular "home" sushi is "Temari Sushi".
Temari sushi (sushi balls) is small sushi balls, which are great for picnic or potluck, and they are very easy to make. No special skill is required.

This time, I made eel temari sushi (the basic sushi rice recipe is same as eel chirashi sushi, except that, for temari sushi, rice is formed into small pieces, also eggs and pickles are not necessary in the topping). To make the sushi balls, first take a piece of BBQ eel in the center of a piece of plastic wrap, then put some sushi rice (mixed with edamame), and tightly wrap them together into a ball. I made about 20 sushi balls there.

Once they are done, I just unwrapped them and arranged on a plate to serve. Isn't that easy? The sushi rice was, of course, made with the double-lid donabe rice cooker, "Kamado-san", so it was so shiny, nicely chewy, and very tasty.

Happy donabe life.