Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mame Gohan (Pea Rice)...Another Spring Favorite

Last Sunday, our morning started later than usual (too much partying on Saturday), but luckily, I got to find the fresh and beautiful English peas which are in season now at the farmers' market. So I made the pea rice. This seasonal rice dish is so simple to make (basically, it's just cooked with rice and salt), and the taste is really outstanding. This is definitely one of my favorite dishes of the spring time!!

I posted the recipe on toiro's website. Hope you will enjoy.

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I also made 4 other dishes on Sunday night (just for two of us). The theme turned out to be "pan-Asian", as we had the pea rice (very Japanese), Thai-style steamed mussles, ahi poke (Asian-influenced Hawaiian), komatsuna namul (Korean), and pork pulukogi (Korean).

The recipes for these dishes will be posted soon.