Monday, April 6, 2009

Jacques Selosse and Some Treats Traveled Back from Cannes

During my very short free time in my stay in Cannes, I picked up some goodies to bring back home.

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Macarons from Jean-Luc Pele. Heavenly!

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Cheese and bread (I picked up bread on the morning I left Cannes, so it was still very good). Chevre Fermier de Paymenande, Mont d'Or, Camembert, Tomme Noir de Pyrenee...and I brought back more cheeses.

Aaaand...the wine store I always check out carried Jacques Selosse this time! He is, to me, God of Champagne producers, and his wines are just so hard to find, because the production is so small. So, I got "Initial" (Anselm's classic Blanc de Blanc), and "Substance" (made from a solera system, since 1987). The prices were much higher than the last time I found them there (now Initial is 83 euros and Substance is 165 euros), but they are still "bargains" compared to the prices (if you luckily find any) in Japan. I can't wait to find a good occasion to open these bottles.