Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Back in Japan (December 2016)...Sake night in Ebisu

I went back to Japan again...it was already the 5th time this year!

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I happened to be one of the first customers to experience United Polaris Business Class (UA's new business class service), so when I got to my seat, a cute teddy bear was waiting for me!

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New designs.

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But, the food quality was the same as before...

I arrived in cold winter Tokyo.

The next day, I had an interview and photo shoot with a culinary magazine. I hope I can make an announcement about it soon. After the interview, we went out for dinner.

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The place is called Gem by Moto. It's a hidden sake bar/ izakaya run by a sake specialist, Marie-san.

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The menu is written in a chalkboard on the wall. Eclectic small plates have very high standard.

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Marie-san poured us different sake to pair with different dishes. Some sake are custom-made for her.

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Cod and cod sperm ("shirako") nabe. A soothing donabe hot pot dish, was followed by smoked nibbles.

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I loved the experience so much!

So happy to be back home.