Thursday, December 22, 2016

Back in Japan (December 2016)...Donabe Dinner

I was invited to dinner at Takahiro & Akiyo's the other night. It's always great to see them and Isako, as they are like my second family. Takahiro made another amazing dinner.

 photo IMG_5406_zpso9vyyluv.jpg
Lightly-grilled eel fillet was so tender.

 photo IMG_5410_zpsm9lh1tp9.jpg
Kobako-gani! It's a very seasonal female crab from Sea of Japan. Takahiro carefully cooked the whole crab and made the layers of the legs with its roe and eggs inside. It was so fantastic.

 photo IMG_5462_zpsis99k4hx.jpg  photo IMG_5433_zpsy2uszfxu.jpg  photo IMG_5434_zpsvrm5ixmb.jpg
The main course was Shirako Nabe! It was shirako (cod sperm) and ama-dai (tilefish) cooked in a dashi broth with grated shogoin kabu (large turnip from Kyoto). Shirako was so creamy and sweet. Ama-dai was so delicate and I even got a head!

 photo IMG_5438_zps73ysctse.jpg  photo IMG_5442_zpsxeoldyuh.jpg
"Shime" (finishing course) was udon noodles! And, the dessert was mango pudding.

What a fantastic dinner with wonderful people.

Happy donabe life.