Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer in Japan...Elegant dinings

During my last short stay back in Japan, I still managed to go out for some really nice meals.

 photo IMG_0850_zpstu89fgw8.jpg  photo IMG_0854_zpshklfbii1.jpg photo IMG_0857_zpsfhola4tr.jpg
In Omotesando, I met a girlfriend for a very elegant summer lunch.

 photo IMG_0859_zpsnagzuny0.jpg  photo IMG_0910_zpse6gq2q3u.jpg  photo IMG_0863_zpsmdvnjqnr.jpg  photo IMG_0865_zpszraalwxn.jpg
Full of summer flavors. I especially enjoyed the tempura of anago (sea eel), then once finish eating it and remove the lid, there was pork shabby shabby!

 photo IMG_0913_zpswtl7xmvc.jpg  photo IMG_0914_zpsolwo7lha.jpg  photo IMG_0924_zpsf90mfsyt.jpg  photo IMG_0927_zpscfpoewwc.jpg
My sister and I went back to Mikizo-san's place...he is just brilliant every time!

 photo IMG_0938_zpsx66dlogx.jpg  photo IMG_0940_zpsbwrlvaj3.jpg  photo IMG_0945_zpssuxhpyld.jpg
These are only some of so many amazing dishes he created for us. His "hassun" course included 14 small dishes in a basket. Incredible!

 photo IMG_0974_zpsusivcfln.jpg  photo IMG_0976_zpsca4p3ykz.jpg  photo IMG_0986_zpsj5oqds4q.jpg
On my final night, we had dinner at a local French restaurant in Urawa. They had a special wine dinner by their new chef. It was really great.

 photo IMG_0983_zpsj3retkmd.jpg  photo IMG_0991_zpsrxuae38q.jpg
There were so many courses of dishes and wines. I had a great time.