Thursday, July 31, 2014

Trip to Dominican Republic (Day 3 and 4)...Keep eating and relaxing

My throat was pretty badly hurt from the cold and I was coughing so much the first few days. But, thanks to all the good food and nice relaxing time, I was on the way to recovery.

 photo IMG_3739_zps66030747.jpg  photo IMG_3738_zps5af66aba.jpg  photo IMG_3791_zpse25a6ed5.jpg
Breakfast in the terrace was always something to look forward to. I enjoyed different smoothies every morning. They also make really good omelets.

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Beach time.

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Lunch time. Shrimp seviche, special burger, grilled lobster are among our favorites.

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More lunch. I even had a whole rib-eye steak, after gazpacho and salad, by myself with cocktail. I was definitely getting better!

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More beach and also walk.