Thursday, July 24, 2014

Trip to Dominican Republic (Day 1 and 2)...Sick Days

View from our room in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Jason and I started our summer vacation. This year, our destination is Dominican Republic. It's our first time to visit there and we are very excited about it. We have been to Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico past years, so we decided to change a bit and picked this country.

From LA, we flew to Washington DC for a connecting flight, and it was about 3 hours from DC. It's quite far away! I caught a cold a few days earlier, so I was under the weather during the travel. But, I tried my best to just beat it.

 photo IMG_3668_zps59258919.jpg  photo IMG_3673_zps46ec81c6.jpg  photo IMG_3674_zpsa757a931.jpg
We finally got to Punta Cana of Dominican Republic. Our private pick-up took us to our resort from the airport. The weather was gorgeous. We checked in and got to our room. Our room was so gorgeous! We got a ocean front room with a huge balcony with a large jacuzzi, overlooking the ocean. It's going to be our home for the next 8 days.

 photo IMG_3675_zpsfa01569a.jpg  photo IMG_3680_zps5902f0b7.jpg
We were admiring the view from our room.

 photo IMG_3681_zpsb2c988bd.jpg  photo IMG_3688_zpsebb4c1bc.jpg  photo IMG_3694_zps481083dd.jpg
Beautiful white sand beach and aqua blue ocean. When we got back to our room after a short walk on the beach, there was a cute surprise from the concierge waiting.

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The next day, we had Dominican style breakfast, with grilled eggs, sausage, bacon, and mashed green plantain. It was very good. I was still not recovering from sickness, so after breakfast, I spent most of the day in the balcony just resting and also writing for the donabe cookbook. Jason had some activities in the ocean and got a lot of tan already. For dinner, I was feeling a little better, so we had a nice Dominican-style dinner by the beach, finished with rum coffee (flambé at table). I hope I can beat the cold quickly and enjoy the ocean soon.