Sunday, February 23, 2014

My love for Mini Donabe!

Whether making a dish for one or "izakaya" style small dish to share, small size donabe is so handy, convenient, and makes my donabe life delightful.

 photo IMG_0604_zps28d2ba4e.jpg  photo IMG_0614_zps07cef203.jpg
Sweet azuki bean stew with round moch. Makes my body warm and happy in the winter time.

 photo IMG_1194_zpsd6b9ccad.jpg  photo IMG_1079_zpsab9811bf.jpg
One pot lunch dish for one! Ramen lunch and "ojiya" (soupy porridge) lunch. Both were made with leftover broth from the previous nights donabe hot pot dinners.

 photo IMG_0750_zps13d8bfe3.jpg  photo IMG_0752_zps67787fa4.jpg  photo IMG_0777_zps5706e4b7.jpg
When I found "kuwai" (arrowhead) from a market, I made a light simmer of these cute tubers.

 photo IMG_1058_zps67faf89e.jpg  photo IMG_1065_zpsfcd02550.jpg  photo IMG_0840_zps041e4686.jpg
Izakaya-style side dishes...Brussels sprouts (the photo is before they were cooked), yuba (tofu skin) & komatsuna green stew, and simmered tofu and yuzu-kosho flavored ground chicken.

You can find a variety of mini-size donabe at toiro kithen's website.

Happy Donabe Life.