Tuesday, January 14, 2014

3-course Donabe Steaming Dinner with Leftover Ingredients

I had a lot of leftover vegetables plus house-cured salt pork belly in the fridge.
So, I had an exciting idea what to do with them.
I wanted to steam everything with my donabe steamer, "Mushi Nabe"!
 photo IMG_0718_zpsc0ffba9c.jpg
I just got all the ingredients ready to be steamed, then I prepared different sauces to enjoy the steamed dishes with.

 photo IMG_0721_zpsc74d6d2a.jpg  photo IMG_0725_zpsca014d6a.jpg
The first course was simple steamed vegetables. I served them with miso-marinated tofu and cream cheese mixture.

 photo IMG_0717_zps930b6f12.jpg  photo IMG_0726_zps2aaf5eaa.jpg  photo IMG_0727_zps43ca7c8f.jpg  photo IMG_0733_zpsb4b51faf.jpg
The main course was house-cured salted pork with cabbage and shiitake mushrooms. I served it with ponzu sauce.

 photo IMG_0776_zpsc477ce6e.jpg  photo IMG_0779_zpsda674e44.jpg
As a "shime" (end of the meal) course, I made steamed udon! It's been one of our favorite "shime" course for steam dinner lately. You just put frozen udon in the donabe, and after a few minutes, the shiny udon is ready! I cooked udon with cabbage and chrysanthemum leaves ("shungiku") and finished with some yuzu zest, so the flavor got totally upgraded. The udon was served with sesame dipping sauce. It was fantastic.

Happy donabe life.