Thursday, February 24, 2011

Taiwanese noodle and Singapore chicken rice

I finally found a good Taiwanese noodle restaurant in LA. The place is called Noodle King…the name doesn't sound like a serious place, but I found they do authentic dishes.

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Among the noodle dishes I’ve tried in different Taiwanese restaurants in San Gabriel Valley, their beef noodle was the closest to what I had in Taipei. Wonton in hot oil was very good, too. I also thought their Xhao-long-pao was as good quality as our local Din Tai Fun’s. Their Dan Dan Mein (noodle in sesame sauce) was too sweet and too saucy for my taste.

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Here’s Hainan Chicken Rice from very popular Savoy Kitchen. It’s just such a nice rustic comfort food. So simple and so nice. Their beef curry (Malaysian style) and shrimp rolls were also very good, too.