Thursday, February 10, 2011

Donabe rice...Green Tea Onigiri (rice balls)

Taste of Kyoto...

I got a wonderful gift of green tea "furikake" (seasoning for rice) from Kyoto. This is made by Nakamura Tokichi (中村藤吉本店), which is one of the historic Japanese tea makers from Uji, Kyoto. This special seasoning consists of "Ten-cha" green tea leaves (tea leaves are steamed and dried) and plum-seasoned kelp tea. I mixed them with some toasted white sesame seeds and set it aside.

Meanwhile, I made some plain rice with my double-lid donabe rice cooker, "Kamado-san". As soon as the rice was cooked and rested for 20 minutes, I tossed it with the green tea furikake. The aroma was so unbelievably wonderful!

Photobucket Photobucket
I made the green tea mixed rice into onigiri (rice balls) and wrapped them with premium nori seaweed from Ariake ocean. Look how you can see each grain and how shiny the rice is. This is the magic of Kamado-san. This donabe makes the premium-quality rice so easily. The green tea onigiri was so DELICIOUS! Wow, this is my new favorite.

Next time, I want to make my own green tea furikake. I gotta do some recipe experiment.

Happy donabe life.

PS: I'm sorry that Kamado-san is out-of-stock again! I am in the process of getting the new shipment from Iga, Japan, so Kamado-san as well as other out-of-stock donabe items will be available again in a few weeks.