Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Schedule for Donabe & Japanese Cooking Classes

Finally, we have the March schedule for Donabe & Japanese Cooking Classes confirmed...thank you so much for waiting until now!

Art of Miso Making will be a very special class, because I just got all the premium ingredients shipped from Fukui, Japan. We will not only make the miso together, but also will taste different kinds of miso, amazake, miso-themed dishes, etc. The main dish will be a popular Hokkaid-style hot pot dish called, "Ishikari Nabe".

We will also introduce a new class, which is a Japanese "yakiniku" table-top grilling. We will make some side dishes as well as the Japanese-Korean style yakiniku (meat grilling) on the ancient clay table top grill.

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We just did a real simple test kitchen for one of the yakiniku dishes the other day and it was fantastic.

Here's the schedule. You can sign up for the upcoming classes from our website. You don't need to do any preparation or bring any equipment to the class. You just need to bring your apron and big appetite for the good food. Look forward to seeing many wonderful guests!

March 13 (Sat) and March 14 (Sun)

Starts at 11.00am

Art of Miso Making...Encore ($70)

Let’s try Japanese traditional miso-making. This is the end of the miso-making season. Miso is one of the key ingredients for healthy Japanese diet for many centuries. It’s delicious and can be cooked in many different types of dishes. After the miso making, we will taste the miso-themed dishes including the hot pot, and sake of Naoko’s selection. Both the miso ingredients and amazake are directly shipped from Fukui, Japan.

*Tasting of different types of miso, including “Tenpo Ninen” Miso.

*Tasting of traditional Ama-zake (rice koji drink)

*Miso-making with the premium ingredients (including “Toyomasari” soy beans from Hokkaido, rice koji, Japanese sun-dried sea salt) from scratch.

The lunch course will include...

*Miso-marinated tofu and eggs (sake-lover’s delight)

*Ishikari Nabe (salmon and vegetables hot pot in miso based broth) in classic donabe

*“Shime” (end of the course) ramen noodles

*Participants can take home the freshly made miso as a gift. (The freshly made miso will need 6+ months of aging before being ready to eat.)

March 20 (Sat) and March 21 (Sun)

Starts at 11.00am

“Yaki Yaki San” Yakiniku Table-top Grilling ($65)

In Japan, “Yakiniku” (table-top grilling) is one of the most popular themes for home dinner party. In this class, we will cook the ingredients on the special Iga-yaki grill, which is made of the ancient clay of Iga, Japan. The menu will be a wonderful fusion of Japanese-Korean dishes.

*Scallion and shiitake pancake (“pajeon”) with the dipping sauce

*Soy bean sprouts “Namul” salad

*Marinated beef “Yakiniku” on the grill

*Pork belly “Yakiniku” on the grill

*Mushrooms on the grill

*Kochujang apple dipping sauce

*Ssamjang dipping sauce

*Assorted “yakumi” condiments

*Donabe rice (cooked with the double-lid donabe rice cooker, “Kamado-san”)

Happy donabe life.