Monday, March 22, 2010

Donabe Cooking Class Report..."Yakiniku" Japanese table-top grilling with "Yaki Yaki San"

Last weekend, I hosted another Donabe & Japanese cooking class. The main theme was "Yakiniku" (Japanese-style grilled meat) on the table-top grilling. The dishes we made were actually more like the crossover between Korean and Japanese cuisines. Table-top style grilling was originally introduced by Korean people in Japan and became very popular among us. So, some of the dishes we made were our (Japanese) version of Korean dishes.

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We had the wonderful guests on both Saturday and Sunday. They brought the great energy to the class.

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Namul salad was the combination of soybean sprouts, wakame seaweed, and carrot.

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Korean-style scallion pancake.

We moved to the table and started grilling different ingredients. The grilling was done with our fantastic Iga-yaki grill, "Yaki Yaki San". This ancient-clay grill makes the wonderful dishes, and it's smoke-free! We love cooking with Yaki Yaki San, so much.

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Grilled abura-age, stuffed with Saikyo-miso and scallion. I came up with the recipe just a few days ago, and it was a big hit!

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A lot of meat...American Kobe Beef Kalbi (short rib) was so fresh. Marinated tri-tip was so tender, and Kurobuta pork belly was so juicy.

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Grilled ingredients were served with homemade sauces and many condiments. Our guests made their own style of lettuce wraps, etc.

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For meat lovers who still want to stay healthy, I highly recommend our style of "Yakiniku" (grilled meat) with the table-top grill. We cook relatively thin slices of meat with a LOT of vegetable condiments. We can have a very balanced delicious meal this way.

Here's the menu of the class:

Theme: Table-top Grilling with “Yaki Yaki San”


Scallion and shiitake mushrooms “pajeon” pancake


Tri-color “namul” salad


Grilled meat – Fresh Kobe-style kalbi (beef boneless sparerib), soy-marinated beef tri-tip, and sake-marinated kurobuta pork belly


Grilled vegetables etc. – Negi-miso abura-age, asparagus, king oyster mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, and garlic cloves


Miso-apple dipping sauce and ssamjang dipping sauce


Assorted condiments


Multi-grain donabe rice

Wine Selection

2008 Cazar, Pinot Noir (Russian River Valley, CA)

Happy donabe life.