Monday, January 4, 2010

New Products are In!

I am very happy to announce that we just received a new shipment of donabe pots from Iga, Japan. For those who have been waiting for the back-ordered donabes, thank you so much for your kind patience. Now, everything is in stock!

This time, there were two large crates. We opened up everything and checked each donabe very carefully. Each donabe was in the perfect condition.

The one on the right is our new donabe. It's the small-size classic donabe, "Hakeme". The artistic details are the same as the medium (regular) size "Hakeme". This little guy is so cute. It's perfect for a small pot dinner for 1-2 people, or to make an individual serving.

Here's another new donabe. It's a medium-size "Rikyu-Tokusa" (also a classic-style donabe), and the size is between the medium-size and small-size "Hakeme". This medium-size "Rikyu-Tokusa" is ideal to cook for 2-3 people. I fell in love with this authentic "tokusa" design (tokusa is named after the plant which grows straight leaves). The brush work of all the lines shows the craftsman's real talent.

So now, we have different sizes of "classic" donabe pots. In the very top photo, the far left is actually our donabe steamer, "Mushi-Nabe". But you can also use it as a classic donabe without the grate. The far right is a super mini donabe. It's actually a condiment case, and it's not available in our store (sorry!).

You can find more information about our donabe products on toiro's website. Please come check it out.