Thursday, January 21, 2010

Magical Drink...Amazake

The new shipment of Amazake has arrived from Fukui, Japan.

Amazake is literally translated as "Sweet Sake", but there is no alcohol or added sugar in the drink. It's a Japanese traditional drink made from fermented rice called "rice koji", which is the steamed rice cultivated with koji mold. Because the enzyme of koji breaks down the carbohydrates of the rice into sugar, it has the natural sweetness. Rice koji is also used as a starter for miso and sake making. Fantastic stuff.

The taste of amazake is very comforting and so nice. We drink a lot of amazake in the cold winter. It's also very nutritious and said to have basically the same nutrients as intravenous injection!

I'm very excited about sharing this special amazake in my upcoming Miso Making Workshop also.

After the nice aperitif of amazake, we had more comfort food for dinner. With the donabe steamer, Mushi Nabe, I made the shumai again (you can find the recipe here).

Shumai was followed by the light udon with mushrooms and cabbage.
My body was feeling very warm and happy in the cold night.