Saturday, January 23, 2010

More Power of Miso...Miso Marinated Tofu and Eggs

Miso is one of the staple ingredients in Japan and we use miso in our cooking almost everyday. We try different types of miso for different types of cooking, too. We love the taste of miso, and on top of that, miso gives the remarkable health benefits to us. How lucky, aren't we?!

Miso also makes a good marinade. This time, I marinated tofu and eggs with an easy miso marinade. It's a kind of dish sake-lovers' like to eat at a izakaya (Japanese pub).

I made the marinade by mixing together 1C of dark miso, 3Tbsps of kefir (or yogurt is fine, too), and 3Tbsps of honey. Tofu was cut into half and simmerd for 5-7 minutes, then cooled down. Eggs were boiled and peeled. Excess moisture of tofu and eggs were wiped off. Then, they were marinated (I use a Tupperware for the tofu and Ziplock bag for the eggs) in the miso mixture. Eggs can be ready after overnight. Tofu is ready in 2 nights.

They are very good with wasabi. Tofu can be marinated for up to 1 week easily. The longer it's marinated with the miso, the creamier the texture gets. It eventually becomes lie the cream cheese and you can use it as a spread, too. Just writing about these tofu and eggs makes me thirsty for the nice cold sake.