Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cooking class report...Donabe Steaming 2

Last Saturday, I hosted another donabe & Japanese cooking class. The theme was "Donabe Steaming 2". We made 4 courses with the donabe steamer, "Mushi Nabe", plus donabe brown rice, and donabe dessert.

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Tofu Chawanmushi with Saikyo Miso Sauce.

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Steamed Root Vegetables etc. with Peanut Karashi Sauce

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Shrimp on Tofu with Sizzling Sesame Sauce

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Steamed Gindara (black cod) and Vegetables with Oroshi Kurozu Ponzu Sauce. The very seasonal wild-caught gindara was amazing. I just want to keep eating this fish every day if I could.

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Pairing wine...Raventos I Blanc, L'Hereu Reserva Brut Cava

We also had the donabe-steamed "sake manju" (sake-flavored dumpling, filled with sweet azuki bean paste), too.

We had a wonderful time!
Happy donabe life.