Sunday, November 14, 2010

Back in Japan (Kyoto - November 2010)...Breakfast Porridge at Hyotei

Our 2nd day in Kyoto started with elegant breakfast at Hyotei near Nanzen-ji temple. It was another gorgeous sunny day in Kyoto, so we left our hotel without wearing jackets.

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Hyotei, which is over 400 years old, is one of the historical and most prestigious kaiseki restaurants in Kyoto. Only in their "bekkan" or annex, they serve special porridge breakfast course in more relaxed ambience. Our reservation was 10 am was we were so hungry.

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Ume-yu (pickled plum tea) was followed by the appetizer tray, which included...

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"Hyotei egg" (their famous super-soft boiled egg), roasted duck breast slices, sweet chestnut, cured salmon, pressed sushi with tai snapper. Egg custard with crab and mozuku seaweed. Simmered fresh yuba, taro, and fish roe. Cucumber and jellyfish salad with sesame sauce.

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After the tofu, green onion, and nori in a light broth, our "main" course was brought to the table.

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Kayu (porridge) was served with the lightly seasoned broth (thickened with "kuzu" arrowroot), and some pickles.

What an artistic and elegantly delicious breakfast we had! Every dish was so delicately prepared and made both of our hearts and stomachs very happy. I wish I could have this every morning.