Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Santa Barbara Sea Bass on Santa Barbara BBQ Grill

I got the wild-caught sashimi-grade sea bass from Santa Barbara. So, we decided to do a cedar plank grill with it on our Santa Barbara BBQ Grill.

The sea bass filets were seasoned simply with salt, pepper, and herb de Provence. Then, I also sprinkled some raw brown sugar on top, so that the fish could absorb the smokey aroma from the mesquite better.

Cedar plank was lightly oiled and grilled before the fish was placed, and the fish on the plank was put on the grill (with the cover on) for about 15 minutes over medium-heat. It came out exactly the way I wanted! The aroma was so beautiful.

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The fish was served with my homemade hummus, cold corn "surinagashi" soup, donabe rice salad with edamame and roasted almonds, and steam-fried donabe tagine snap peas with enoki mushrooms. We had a nice "eclectic" outdoor dinner!