Friday, August 13, 2010

Hollywood Bowl Picnic

Summer is our favorite season to spend time in LA, because there is Hollywood Bowl! This year, we have bought tickets for 9 shows, and we've gone to about half of them so far.

Every time, I make some picnic dishes and bring to the Bowl. One "must" item is onigiri (rice balls)! With the double-lid rice cooker, "Kamado-san", I can make the really tasty fluffy onigiri which can still taste delicious after it becomes cold in the evening air. This time, I made onigiri with bonito flakes and sesame seeds. I also made some "shojin" style (Japanese Buddist-style vegan cuisine) simmered tofu, as well as grilled eggplant in dashi broth with tons of shiso leaves (top picture).

Food and wine were excellent, and so as the show (we watched "RENT")!