Thursday, March 19, 2009

Iberico Pork Shabu Shabu...Real Treat!

I was back in Japan last week to stay with my family there. One night, we did shab shabu with the premium Iberico Pork from Spain!

Iberico Pork is a premium breed of pork from the south-west Spain. The pigs grow up in the wild woods of cork trees by eating acorns, and other wild plants/ fruits. Iberico pork is filled with great flavors and nutrients. We got both belly slices and loin.
Because of its premium status, Iberico pork is much more expensive compared to regular kinds of pork. The belly meat was more than $60/ lb. in US equivalent.

We heated the dashi stock with sake, and cooked the pork, and other ingredients such as mizuna, abura-age, hakusai, different kinds of mushrooms, kuzukiri, etc. The dipping sauces for the night were our standard sesame sauce, and salt ponzu. The pork was amazingly flavorful and melted in my mouth! It was truly special!!