Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kamo Nabe (Duck Pot)

January 4, 2009
Whether it's for rice or soup, it feels like I use donabe every day.

Tonight, I made Kamo Nabe (Duck Pot).

I used a few pieces of beautiful duck breast. I slowly seared just the skin side in a pan to release excess fat and sliced the meat very thin to be ready for the pot. Since I had some extra ground pork, I also made some pork wontons to cook in the pot. We also cooked various other ingredients including mushrooms, and vegetables.

It took only a minute or so for each slice of duck to cook. The meat was so tender and juicy.

As a "shime" (finish of the meal) for Kamo Nabe, it's more common to do soba, but we did udon and it was very nice, too.