Monday, November 17, 2014

Dry Mushroom Risotto with Kyoto-style Shallow Donabe

Kyoto-style shallow donabe makes perfect risotto

Ever since I returned from Italy, I've been crazy about donabe risotto!

The shallow classic-style donabe, "Kyoto Ame-yu", is perfect for making risotto, as the shallow body can cook the rice more effectively and evenly during simmering. It makes the great presentation and also the rice stays in the right texture for a long time after the heat is turned off.

I got really nice dry morel mushrooms and black trumpet mushrooms from Sonoma, so I made dry mushroom risotto by using both kinds of mushrooms.

 photo IMG_6666_zps66f387c3.jpg  photo IMG_6689_zps4814e4b7.jpg
As soon as the rice is al dente, I add the butter and Parmesan cheese to finish. The risotto becomes nicely rich and creamy.

 photo IMG_6697_zps570e434c.jpg
Oh, and this risotto is made from Japanese short grain rice! It makes really delicious risotto with the great texture. I'm so addicted to donabe risotto.

And, yes, you can find the recipe in toiro kitchen's website. So, please check it out.

Happy donabe life.