Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Trip to Dominican Republic (Day 6 to 8)...Don't want to leave...

Our regular spot on the beach, in front of our room.

Our first visit to Dominican Republic totally made us fell in love with this country.

 photo IMG_4075_zps4f69fcca.jpg
We spent the final days really relaxing. I loved the view from our room every morning.

 photo IMG_4078_zps7346e5e5.jpg  photo IMG_3869_zps68f0d3c5.jpg  photo IMG_4049_zpsfeaee1ac.jpg  photo IMG_3864_zps34bf1682.jpg  photo IMG_4053_zps02065ed8.jpg
Breakfast was great every day, too. I enjoyed different smoothies during the stay, and my favorite was watermelon smoothie. So nice. The view from our regular table was always very nice, too.

 photo IMG_4056_zps1864b458.jpg  photo IMG_4067_zps4ac647d0.jpg  photo IMG_0237_2_zps2cab5713.jpg  photo IMG_0236_2_zpsd0a44f6a.jpg photo IMG_4073_zps8b9eae98.jpg  photo IMG_4181_zpsd691c202.jpg
My favorite cocktail was Ron Sour (Rum sour...rum, lemon, sugar, and ice), which became my regular drink during the stay. I don't remember how many Caribbean lobsters I ate meanwhile. They were so good. I didn't get to take dinner photos because it was too dark, but I enjoyed all the meals including dinner. Dominican sautéed pineapple, flambé with Dominican rum was so rich in rum flavor and nice.

 photo IMG_0235_2_zpsdf0e7b19.jpg  photo IMG_4152_zps45088d10.jpg
Everybody at the resort was so kind and they babe us such generous hospitality all the time.

We will be back next year!