Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Natto making update...I found the perfect soybeans for natto!

I found the soybeans I really like!

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A box of sample soybean arrived the other day. They were 3 different varieties of soybeans for different purposes, all organic and non GMO, by Signature Soy, 5th generation soy farm in North Dakota.

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I first tried a variety for natto (SS2802) to make my homemade natto, and I was amazed by its quality. The beans were perfect small size and nicely nutty. It was like eating the special artisan natto from Japan!

I learned that the company also export soybeans to major natto manufacturers in Japan. That's why my homemade natto made from their beans tasted so authentic!

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With Uruguay koshihikari rice, made in double-lid donabe rice cooker, "Kamado-san", it was my super happy moment. My special natto rice, made in collaboration between USA, Uruguay, and Japan.

Natto is a wonder food. For 5 kg of soybeans, only 3 g of natto bacteria is needed to make natto. The bacteria multiplies by more than 4 billion times after 24 hrs of fermentation in the right conditions. Amazing, isn't it?

My basic natto recipe is here.

Happy natto. Happy donabe life.