Monday, June 21, 2010

Some more tofu dishes last week.

I feel a little too tired to write down the recipes today, so I just post the pictures.

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Making homemade tofu with donabe (I use the classic-style all-purpose donabe) is one of my stress relievers. Once the soy milk is curdled in the donabe, it's transferred to a wooden mold. After about 15 minutes in the mold, the very natural rectangular tofu is ready. The freshly made tofu taste so nice with the simple soy sauce and shaved bonito flakes.

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I also made the Chinese-style hot tofu saute by using the tagine-style donabe, "Fukkura-san". With this donabe, the ingredients cook fast and tofu becomes very fluffy.

Once shaped tofu can be mashed again for this traditional Japanese salad, called, "Shira-ae". I use the traditional Japanese mortar and pestol (suribachi and surikogi) to mash the tofu with some shiro shoyu, sesame paste, etc. The texture becomes very creamy. To finish, it was mixed with the blanched asparagus, carrot, and seaweed.

Tofu is great.