Monday, June 7, 2010

Back in Japan (June 2010)...Taberu La-yu from Kyoto

Good morning, Kyoto.

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The morning view of Kyoto from our hotel room.

Our "Day 2" of Kyoto trip started with the shopping for Kyoto Hotel Okura's "Taberu La-yu". While traditional la-yu is smooth hot sesame oil, Taberu La-yu (la-yu to "eat") has chunky ingredients in the oil and you can use it as a condiment to eat with a wide variety of dishes. This new type of la-yu is a big trend in Japan right now, but among so many different versions, Kyoto Hotel Okura's la-yu is considered to be one of the best and most popular with the very complex deep multi-layered flavors.

And, luckily, we were staying at this very hotel. Yesterday, it was already sold out when we went to their store in the afternoon (they only make 700 bottles a day). So today, we went there when the store just opened at 8 am and bought 3 bottles! I'm so looking forward to try it with the simple donabe rice.