Monday, May 31, 2010

Donabe smoked whole chicken breast with Dijon mustard

I did donabe smoking dinner the other night again.

My donabe smoker, "Ibushi Gin", is not only gorgeous looking, but also makes the fantastic smoked dishes with the extremely easy preparation.

First, I smoked some baby potatoes. I set the sakura (Japanese cherry blossoms tree) smoke chipes in the bottom of the donabe and smoked the potatoes for about 30 minutes over high heat. This was my first time to smoke the potatoes and I loved it so much! The potato skin gained the elegant smoky aroma.

Photobucket Photobucket
For the main dish, I got the whole chicken breast (ribs attached), cut it into half, and seasoned the meat simply with salt and pepper. I set these cuts in the bottom and the middle racks of the donabe smoker. In about 35 minutes (over high heat, 7 minutes without the lid, 10 minutes with the lid on, 18-20 minutes resting after turning off the heat), the deep-colored smoked chicken breast was ready. It was so juicy, smokey, and super fantastic.

Because the flavor of the smoked chicken was so perfectly complete, you don't really need any sauce for this. So, I just served with very simple condiments of lemon wedges and honey Dijon mustard. They complemented the donabe smoked chicken so well.

I love donabe smoking. Happy donabe life.