Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Donabe Smoked Pork Ribs

One pot smoke dinner with my donabe smoker, "Ibushi Gin".

I got the pork spareribs, shiitake mushrooms, and asparagus. All I had to do was to season the meat with salt and pepper and let them rest in the fridge overnight.

Then, I just put the ingredients in the smoker with the smoke chips and set over high heat on the stove top.

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After about 35 minutes over heat + 20 minutes resting (with the lid on), my smoke dinner was ready. I served them with my homemade wasabi creme fraiche sauce. The meat was so succulent and wonderfully smokey.

With the donabe rice, donabe miso soup, and spinach ohitashi, I had the balanced delicious donabe dinner. You can find the basic donabe smoking recipe on toiro's website.

Happy donabe life.